Premium Silk Closures


Our premium silk closures are hand made with the finest silk materials, natural looking and come with plenty of ventilation. Made using 100% human hair, these 4×4 Premium silk closures are comfortable, durable, and provide for the most natural shine.

If placed properly just behind the hairline, these premium silk closures would allow you wear a full weave with no hair left out while giving the appearance of a natural scalp area. We make all our premium silk closures from thicker materials, so that it looks very natural, and is impossible to see your scalp underneath.

A major problem our numerous customers have with the silk closure is the thickness, since the piece is hard to make lie flat on your head; it leaves a marked line around the hairline, however this can be fixed easily with proper blending.

N.B: Please allow 5 business days for production of silk closures. You may still need to add some concealer as with our lace closures to achieve perfect the look.

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