Welcome to Sahasrara Hair!
Sahasrara is the seventh and primary chakra according to tantric yoga.
SAHASRARA is your connection to the universe or primary source of vibration.
When you get an out of body experience or a feeling of direction or influence from above, it is literally coming from your SAHASRARA, thousands of petals slightly above your head that connects you to higher vibrations. 
SAHASRARA HAIR was created to provide our clients with 100% Indian Remy Hair, ethically sourced from Hindu temples in South India. At SAHASRARA, we pride ourself on having the highest quality, natural, Indian Remy that has been acquired via the ancient traditions of Hinduism. 

We promise that we will be there to answer all your questions and you never have to feel like you’re alone! Want to contact us to facilitate the best possible experience? Please reach out to us at  sales@sahasrarahair.com