360 Frontals


From your hairline to your nape, these revolutionary 360 full lace frontal closures have got you covered. This unique frontal piece features baby hairs, freestyle parting, and low-density edges that give one a naturally flawless look. You would find plenty of space in this 360 lace frontal for all your customization needs, as the front and sides are measured 4”, while the back is measured 2.5”. These frontals allow for flexibility and creativity with your hair, as you can rock several kinds of hairstyles and still look great from all sides. You can don a ponytail, throw in a high bun, or rock a pair of French braids.

These frontal closures come in natural colors, an average of 145% density, and are made using 100% unprocessed premium Indian hair. The parting style for this frontal closures is free part. They are also soft, tangle-free and offer minimal shedding, since each knot has been hand tied at least 2 ½ times. You would be glad you chose these 360 full lace frontal closures.

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