Sahasrara Hair

Diamond Quality


Our Signature Diamond Quality Remy is the hallmark product of Sahasrara. Our Diamond Quality Remy comes from the absolute top tier of the most exclusive temples of south India. Premium hair weighs about 100 grams more on average than natural hair and is of higher quality, so it lasts much longer and provides the most natural look possible. This hair has all the same amazing qualities as our natural South Indian Remy with added thickness and exclusivity of extremely rare south Indian hair. The women in the south cover their hair and use coconut oils to achieve healthy thick heads of hair.

 100 grams

Note: Please mention the color in the note section if you purchase a variant with color. We have the following color available:

2# , 4# , 6# , 8# , 30# , 24# , 613#

If you select a variant with color & forget to put the color in the note section, we'll send you a random colored product. Thank you.

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