Sahasrara Hair

Weft and Bundles


Natural South Indian Hair is probably our finest and most popular hair line. You can style and color this hair with ease, expanding the options you have to look great.

We sourced this one from the Eastern and Southern regions of India, and haven’t mixed or processed it, staying committed to our all natural allure. This piece is comes complete with real virgin hair extensions flowing from root to tip, with cuticles intact. Comes in naturally straight, body wavy, and naturally wavy textures. . The smell and feel of this hair alone will put a smile on any woman’s face and once the versatility and consistency is witnessed over time, clients fall absolutely in love.

A must have for every hair lover.

100 grams

Note: Please mention the color in the note section if you purchase a variant with color. We have the following color available:

2# , 4# , 6# , 8# , 30# , 24# , 613#

If you select a variant with color & forget to put the color in the note section, we'll send you a random colored product. Thank you.

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